Dr Shyrose Karim
Naturopathic Doctor

Working with you towards helping 

you achieve your goals of optimal health!

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Contact Information:
L6-601 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC 
V5Z 4C2

Phone: 604-451-7786 


Naturopathic Philosophy

Naturopathic doctors are guided by six principles.

1.  Healing Power of Nature

Naturopathic doctors work to restore and support the powerful and inherent healing ability of the body to help move from a  diseased (imbalanced) state to a  healthy (balanced)state.  Their aim is to facilitate and augment this process by identifying and removing the obstacles to recovery.

2.  First Do No Harm

Naturopathic doctors utilize treatments and methods that are safe, effective, and minimize the risk of harmful side effects.  They work towards treating the cause rather than eliminating or suppressing the symptoms.

3.  Identify and Treat the Cause

Naturopathic doctors view symptoms as expressions of the body's natural attempt to heal.  Thus, the primary goal is to identify and treat the underlying cause which maybe due to physical (metabolic), mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.  Treating the underlying cause is more beneficial in leading to optimal health rather than managing or suppressing symptoms.

4.  Treat the Whole Person
Naturopathic doctors believe that to facilitate healing, it is important to address all factors that can impact the individual's health.  The individual's nutritional status, lifestyle, family history, emotions, environmental stresses, and physical (metabolic) health are all evaluated and addressed as disease can affect the entire person, not just  a specific organ or system.

5.  Doctor as a Teacher
Naturopathic doctors take into account the importance of educating their patient and empowering each individual to take the responsibility of their health.  Therefore, enabling the individual to make informed choices that will benefit their health and well-being.

6.  Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Naturopathic doctors encourage and educate each individual patient in the prevention of disease by promoting a  lifestyle -tailored for each individual- that is supportive in helping one stay healthy.

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