Dr Shyrose Karim
Naturopathic Doctor

Working with you towards helping 

you achieve your goals of optimal health!

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Contact Information:
In the clinic of West Vancouver Beachside Medical Clinic
1405 Bellevue Avenue
West Vancouver, BC 
V7T 1C3

Phone: 604-451-7786 __________________

Health Care Plans:

Extended Health care Plans:

Most extended Health care plans do cover most of our services.  However, plans vary either by percentage covered or annual total limits. It is important that you contact your benefits provider for a full listing of covered products and services.

Medical Services Plan:
MSP plan provides minimal coverage to some patients.  Please check directly with MSP.  Dr. Shyrose Karim does not directly to MSP.  The patient is responsible for the full cost of the visit.  

No Referral is Necessary:
No referral is required to see a naturopathic physician.

Dr. Shyrose Karim Welcomes New Patients.  Why wait call and book your appointment today!!

"As a naturopathic doctor,  I will look at and address the many factors that can affect your health. "  -Dr. Shyrose Karim N.D.
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