Dr Shyrose Karim
Naturopathic Physician

Helping you achieve your goals of optimal health!
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Contact Information:
In the clinic of West Vancouver Beachside Medical Clinic
1405 Bellevue Avenue
West Vancouver, BC 
V7T 1C3

Phone: 604-451-7786 __________________

Cutting Edge Lab Testing offered:

Putting the pieces together to help you get back to your optimal health.

  •       Allergy Blood Test
  •       Adrenal Stress Test
  •       Female & Male Hormonal Test
  •       Gastrointestinal & Stool Test
  •       Gene Testing (Genomics)
  •       Organic Acid (Metabolic) Test
  •       Heavy Metal Test
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" As a naturopathic physician,  I  look at and address the many factors that can impact your health. "  -Dr. Shyrose Karim N.D.