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In the clinic of Park Royal Village Medical
J2-925 Main St
West Vancouver, BC
V7T 2Z3
Phone: 604-451-7786 __________________
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Patient Testimonials

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"I first started to visit Dr. Karim about one year ago. At the time I was suffering from extreme fatigue, depression and allergies after having experienced several traumatic events the previous year. To sum it up, I was a wreck. I decided to try Naturopathic Medicine when my "self-treatment" failed to yield any progress and improve my condition. I feel so blessed to have met Dr. Karim. She is incredibly personal and knowledgeable and worked closely with me to improve my health on both a mental and physical level. I felt absolutely no anxiety prior to my visits and, contrary to conventional doctor's visits, looked forward to them. My health has greatly improved and I am able to participate in activities that I had long since given up due to lack of energy. Most importantly, my mental health and mood is much improved, which is something my family is thankful for.  Dr. Karim has made me a believer in Naturopathic Medicine and I have learned so much. Every visit has been a fascinating journey into the mind and body. Thanks Dr. Karim!"

- A. L.- Burnaby B.C.

"She is one of the most professional and well educated naturopathic doctor.  I would recommend any of her treatments to everyone I know.  She is a fabulous doctor!" -S.L.

"Shyrose is a dedicated and passionate professional and truly cares for the well-being of her patients. She makes pro-active efforts to identify causes for illnesses and takes a holistic approach to healing. Shyrose takes pride in her profession and is constantly expanding her experience and expertise. I wish that hospitals would consult professionals like Shyrose to improve the nutrition for patients." –Irma.Battista 

"My husband and I have been a patients of Dr. Shyrose Karim's for well over 15 years. We appreciate her professional and committed approach to our health care.    Dr. Karim, has assisted the health and healing process by carefully listening and providing guidance and always following up to ensure we are on the correct path to continued good health. She truly cares."       -J. & N. of North Vancouver.

"I have been a patient (client) of Shyrose's for well over 10 years. What I really appreciate is her integrated approach to health care.  I have a complex set of health issues and Shyrose works in a very complimentary manner with my general practitioner in order to provide both alternative and supportive strategies for my well being.  Shyrose is not only committed to her clients  but she is smart as a whip, sensitive and caring she brings fresh perspectives and creative problem solving to her practice and patient care ."  -G.G-C 

“It had been many years of suffering with allergies for me. I tried different naturopathic approaches, and many consultations and treatments later I discovered Dr. Shyrose Karim. I immediately felt comfortable with her, and trusted her approach with not just treating my allergies, but getting to the root of my problems. I instantly recognized how knowledgeable Dr. Karim was, and more importantly she listened and was committed to improving my overall health. Since my treatments began over a year ago, I have been relieved of my allergies, because Dr. Karim was able to diagnose and treat the other underlying problems. I highly recommend Dr. Karim’s advice, because she is not only a dedicated professional, who takes pride in revamping the immune system and increasing your energy level, but is passionate about adding more value to life through healing.”   

--Ildiko E. Herr   North Vancouver

"He had eczema specially worse after swimming.  He is fine now so thank you, Dr. Karim!"   -E. J. C.

"Sophie (5 years old) had eczema reaction (red marks, itchy) to the back of her knee after swimming.  She doesn't have symtoms anymore.  Thank you Dr. Karim!" -E. J. C.